The importance of safety is beyond measure. There is no amount of money that can compensate for a disabling injury or take the place of a father, mother, or other family member killed in the workplace. We at COMMERCIAL DOORS & HARDWARE, consider the personal health and safety of each of our employees to be of primary importance. Our objective is to conduct our business in the safest possible manner consistent with good construction practices.

COMMERCIAL DOORS & HARDWARE Health and Safety Program dedicate the necessary personnel and resources in accordance with the applicable legislation to provide:

  1. Personal protective equipment and physical safeguards for the protection of all personnel,
  2. Education and training of personnel in good health and safety practices,
  3. Establishment and enforcement of rules and regulations which must be adhered to by all employees as a condition of employment,
  4. Regular health and safety inspections for every project to identify and eliminate unsafe work conditions or practices,
  5. Recording and investigating every accident in a prompt, thorough manner in order that lessons can be learned and future accidents avoided by eliminating or controlling unsafe conditions or practices.

It is only with the cooperation of all parties that we can achieve success in this program. For this reason, we encourage the participation of all our employees in our Health and Safety Program.

Performing our everyday tasks and ensuring that our actions do not result in accidents or create unsafe conditions requires knowledge of potential hazards, preplanning, thought and individual responsibility. BE AWARE, THINK AHEAD AND BE SAFE!

Ross Ruprecht, AHC.
October 16, 2015